Over the years, Geveko Markings has gained expertise and knowledge about horizontal markings Our own sales force in more than 20 countries around the world provides international know-how and local knowledge at the same time. Through our extensive network of clients such as distributors, contractors and local authorities, the pavement marking products from Geveko Markings are used around the world.

Supplier of all your road marking material needs

OPTAMARK® is a heavy duty intersection grade preformed thermoplastic pavement marking with proven durability on a wide variety of pavement surfaces.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, OPTATRAC® complies with the Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Characterized by its two powerful and interchangeable heads this quiet, light and user-friendly heat gun is engineered with both safety and performance in mind.

ChipFill® is a specially designed thermoplastic for repairing cracks and smaller holes with a diameter around 15-20 cm and minimizing the risk of defects getting bigger.

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