Preformed Thermoplastic

OPTATRAC™ - Keeping motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians on track

  • No preheating of the pavement to a specific temperature required
  • Maximized skid resistance and retroreflectivity
  • Durable, intersection grade pavement marking
  • Heat indents indicate material reached molten state
  • Interconnected material reduces layout time
  • Quick and easy to apply, with no specialized equipment necessary

Engineered to optimize traction and retroreflectivity, OPTATRAC is available in 90 mil or 125 mil thickness. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, OPTATRAC complies with the Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Enhanced value

OPTATRAC is a feature of OPTAMARK™ preformed thermoplastic pavement markings, engineered to maximize skid resistance and retroreflectivity.

No preheating required

OPTATRAC does not require the pavement to be preheated to a specific temperature prior to application. With no specific road or air temperature requirements, the pavement marking season can be extended.

Heat indents

OPTATRAC has regularly spaced heat indents on the top surface of the material that act as a visual cue as to when the material has reached a molten state.

OPTATRAC™ has a grip on the environment

OPTATRAC emits no environmentally harmful substances during application or at the time of removal. The pigments are organic and do not contain lead or other heavy metals. There is no hazardous waste and the cardboard can be recycled.