AquaRoute® water borne road marking paint

AquaRoute™ - Epoxy modified, water based acrylic

• Engineered for quick drying time
• Intermixed anti-skid aggregates
• Strong color stability to retain color overtime
• Long term stability gained with just two layers of material
• Pot life over 24 hours
• Clean up fast and simple with water
• Ideal for low traffic locations

Focused on performance

AquaRoute™ is an epoxy-modified, water based acrylic, colorized pavement marking material that is ideally suited for applications requiring fast drying time, skid/slip resistance and color stability. Unique crosslinking technology provides long term stability. AquaRoute™ is best used on areas with low vehicle traffic. 

AquaRoute™ material can be applied by either spray equipment or by roll application.

Pneumatic Spray Application

AquaRoute™ has a consistent intermix of anti-skid aggregates in each pail. Intermix anti-skid aggregates in each pail eliminates the need to post sprinkle anti-skid aggregates during the application process.


Mix and Match with OPTAMARK®

Compatibility and color stability between OPTAMARK® preformed thermoplastic pavement markings and AquaRoute™ make them uniquely designed to be used together seamlessly on the same project. OPTAMARK® is engineered to provide optimum color retention, skid resistance and retroreflectivity.

OPTAMARK® can be applied directly to the road surface as well as on top of AquaRoute™. Pre-cut, crisp preformed thermoplastic edges provide a consistent appearance and comply with government regulations.
Installation is simple and quick with a propane fueled heat gun.