Marking the future with you

Road Markings & Line Markings

Geveko Markings offers a full range of materials for road markings, line markings and horizontal decoration. We are marking the future with:


OPTAMARK® is a heavy duty intersection grade preformed thermoplastic pavement marking with proven durability on a wide variety of pavement surfaces.

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OPTATRAC® is preformed thermoplastic pavement markings engineered to ensure that skid resistance and retroreflectivity are maximized. 

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QL2 - Pro Heat Gun

QL2 Pro Heat Gun is uniquely engineered with safety and performance in mind.  Its quiet, light and industrial structure is designed to optimize the application and performance of OPTAMARK® and other  preformed thermoplastic materials.

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ChipFill® - Hot applied surface defect repair system. ChipFill® is a specially designed thermoplastic for repairing cracks and smaller holes with a diameter around 15-20 cm and minimizing the risk of defects getting bigger. 

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