Proven quality pavement markings

Geveko Markings' preformed thermoplastic line, first introduced nearly 40 years ago, is a recognized market leader with an earned solid reputation for proven quality, maximum performance, innovation and value.

It is tried, trusted and preferred by government agencies, professional contractors, universities, architects, corporate leaders and others dedicated to serving the diverse needs of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians across the world.

Research and development is a cornerstone for Geveko Markings

Our aim is to constantly improve the quality of our pavement markings and horizontal marking products. Thereby, we hope to satisfy the pavement marking needs of our customers and create long term relationships.

In the dialogue with our customers, we consider issues like application place, wishes and expectations to the pavement markings, standards and specified requirements.

Geveko Markings inc.

Production Facility for OPTAMARK™, OPTDSIGN™, OPTDCROSS™, ViaTherm™, PlastiRoute™

ISO 9001 certified